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I would like to overwrite files in a directory tree, recursively.

The ones I would like to overwrite match the filename "x_alpha*.png" and have a size exactly 456 bytes.

Is there any way to search for these recursively in a directory tree, and overwrite them with a reference file, for example "e:\mydir\good.png"

I am using Windows 7, but I have UnxUtils, so I can use those too.

What I am looking for is something like this, generated automatically:

copy /y e:\mydir\good.png e:\mydir\a\b\c\x_alpha0023.png
copy /y e:\mydir\good.png e:\mydir\e\f\g\x_alpha0045.png
copy /y e:\mydir\good.png e:\mydir\h\x_alpha0248.png
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You can also do this in Power Shell since you are using Windows 7.

dir -recurse x_alpha*.png | where-object { $_.Length -eq 456 } | foreach-object { copy-item -force e:\mydir\good.png $_.FullName }
dir -recurse x_alpha*.png   (to see the results)
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I do not know UnxUtils, but it can be done with cygwin with:

find /cygdrive/e/mydir/ -type f -name "x_alpha*.png" -size 456c -exec cp /cygdrive/e/mydir/good.png {} \;

You could probably extrapolate how to do this with UnxUtils.

Test it first by running the following before overwriting files:

find /cygdrive/e/mydir/ -type f -name "x_alpha*.png" -size 456c
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