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I need to install eclipse to use with PHP, so I downloaded it from, extracted the zip file, and tried to install eclipse. It was throwing an error like

"JRE or JDK must be available in order to run eclipse. No JVM was found after searching the following locations: D:\documents and settings\user\mydocument\download\eclipse\jre\bin\jawaw.exe in your current path"

I installed JDK on my system and then I tried to install eclipse but it was throwing the same error. How can I get eclipse to install successfully?

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Install that. If it errors wipe out java from your system and try it again.

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You need a JRE (runtime environment) for running Eclipse. While Eclipse contains its own compiler, negating the need for a JDK (development environment), it's still written in Java and hence requires the JRE.

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  • Make sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the JRE directory of your preference
  • After installing JRE, make sure you have restarted your machine

If both do not work Try running eclipse with a -vm flag (from command prompt)

eclipse -vm D:/../YOUR_JDK_FOLDER/bin/javaw.exe

If the last works, you might consider reating a shortcut of eclipse on the desktop (or wherever), right click -> properties, and in the target text box (where you have the path to eclipse.exe), add -vm D:/../YOUR_JDK_FOLDER/bin/javaw.exe at the end.

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