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I'm trying a switch from Safari to Chrome, and one of the biggest features I miss from Safari is the ability to search historical URLs from the address/omni bar. For example, I've recently (and frequently) visited a URL which contains File.html, but Chrome doesn't show it in the omni bar:

chrome's omni bar

Is there any way (extension, setting, etc) to trick Chrome into searching historical URLs from the omni bar?

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I know this isn't an answer, but I've NEVER had any trouble with it. Just works.

enter image description here

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What happens if you go to… — does it show up in your omni bar after that? – David Wolever Jul 20 '11 at 7:57
To clarify, I do sort of get something like that for some things (eg, ), but it's not very consistent (ex, ) and it often doesn't show me what I want (ex, the File.html example in my original post). – David Wolever Jul 20 '11 at 8:09 just not seeing what's missing. Perhaps its your workflow. I find chromes omnibar refreshingly accurate and useful. – SqueeDee Jul 20 '11 at 8:20
Not at all like their rubbish search in gmail :D – SqueeDee Jul 20 '11 at 8:26
Hhmm… Possibly. It looks like typing the domain is the key… Although I guess you're still out of luck if you need to type more than just the domain to find what you want. – David Wolever Jul 20 '11 at 15:50

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