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Only been using Notepad++ v 5.92 for a few weeks, and RegEx for a few hours (!!) I want to use Find & Replace for UPPERCASE strings of a minimum length to change them to "Title Case" or "Sentence case".

I found patterns in an online tutorial for the string


Pattern for length of string \{5,50\} How do I combine this syntax in Notepad++ to get a working find instead of "not found" message?

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Notepad++ doesn't support {x,y} operator. Even if it did - you cannot use it to replace the uppercase with lowercase/titlecase strings.

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ah, well. I would have been using my faithful AutoHotkey script to do the actual case-changing, it is the string-selection that I'm trying to get my hands on. Thanks for your time. – Auntie EEK Jul 20 '11 at 8:46

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