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I am having a problem trying to get the DNS cache without using ipconfig.

I am unable to use the ipconfig tool and was looking for an alternative command line tool to display the DNS cache, just like in this command:

ipconfig /displaydns
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You could try using the netsh command if you're using a newer version of Windows.

Check out this technet article for more information

From the article:

Syntax show dns [[name=]InterfaceName]

Parameters [ name= ] InterfaceName : Specifies the name of the interface whose DNS configuration you want to display. The InterfaceName parameter must match the name of the interface as specified in Network Connections. If InterfaceName contains spaces, use quotation marks around the text (for example, "Interface Name").

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Perhaps a lame answer, but sending the output to a file means you can see all the output:

ipconfig /displaydns > dns-cache.txt

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I realise that isn't helpful if you are restricted from running ipconfig, but I was looking for a graphic interface for this, but then realised I just needed a better interface for reading the text. – dunxd May 22 '14 at 15:58

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