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In order to make this conversion I have to use a text editor. This is tedious. Is there an easier way to do it, like some program I can run from the Linux or OSX terminal?

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If your target is Window's Shift_JIS, you should use CP932 instead if you are having problems converting some characters. –  lepe Jun 6 '13 at 3:08

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To convert from Shift JIS to UTF-8 on linux just do:

iconv -f SHIFT-JIS -t UTF-8 <infile> > <outfile>

and to go the other way just reverse the arguments:

iconv -f UTF-8 -t SHIFT-JIS <infile> > <outfile>

I don't know OSX but it may well have the iconv command as well, in which case something similar should work.

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I use the following command:


nkf -w <infile> > <Outfile>


nkf -s <infile> > <Outfile>

NKF - Network Kanji code conversion Filter

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