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I would like that whenever I open a Windows explorer, I can somewhere set which folders should be expanded and which collapsed. E.g. Libraries is always expanded, and seldom used. It makes me have to scroll up and down between Computer and Favourites, being some nuisance.

Can I do this, and how?

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In the Control Panel open the 'Appearance and Personalization' then the 'Folder Options'
in the 'General tab' at the bottom in the Navigation pane un-click 'Show all folders'.

win 7 folder options

The Navigation pane should now look like this.

After shot of explorer

You could always try >click the expand arrow so that the Libraries are non-expanded and then close it. When opened this will keep the Libraries compacted.(Same as when you close explorer at a size and when you open explorer it will open at that same size)
Another option is a free program called 'Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer' from

win7 free program
You can un-click the libraries check box
I found it in 'Help desk geek'

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