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Say I've got many tabs open and I'm doing something on one of them. I now open a new tab (e.g. Ctrl+T).

I do some work there and then need to return to the previously viewed tab. How do I do that in Chrome?

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There are 2 ways I currently know of - Ctrl+tabbing through all of the tabs until I find the right one, or using a mouse and trying to select which I think was the right one. Both ways are terrible. – Borek Jul 21 '11 at 8:38
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There isn't a native keyboard shortcut to do it in Chrome, but there is an extension that (sort of) adds functionality to do this:

Recent Tabs Extension
Cycle through your most recently used tabs (MRU) like Alt+Tab, but, with the shortcut keys Ctrl+Q or Ctrl+`(~) or assign your own!

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