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I have a hard drive split up into a 100gb windows install and a 500gb encrypted drive (with true crypt). Like a moron, I deleted the 500gb volume encrypted with truecrypt. I have tried various recovery tools such as EASEUS data recovery and TestDisk. Nothing has detected the volume. I still have the option to delete the partition in the windows admin tool. I have gone to the admin settings and have tried to create a new volume without formatting but it tells me there is not enough space. Before I do any more damage is there a way to un-delete the volume? Am I completely screwed? I am at a loss here.

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Try this... – Joe Internet Jul 22 '11 at 0:25

You need to recreate the partition table. There are open source programs which can do so. Essentially, it should just need to roughly know the partition boundaries. If there was no free space either side of the partition in the first place, this should be pretty easy.

Try this

EDIT: Seen you've tried TestDisk. I did the same before, but I have linux to save the day. Burn youself a live Ubuntu CD and use GParted to try and recover the partition. It's part of the standard Ubuntu installation.

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