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I'm using Microsoft Office 2007. How can I search inside multiple Excel files?

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Use IceTeaReplacer. It's freeware.

Search & Replace in .docx, .xlsx and .xls files

IceTeaReplacer is a simple, yet a powerful tool to search inside multiple Microsoft's Office Word 2007 (docx), Excel 2007 (xlsx) and Excel 2003 (xls) files within a directory (and it's subdirectories) and replace provided phrase. Supports UTF-8.

enter image description here

There is also a more powerful alternative with various features but it's a commercial one: ExcelPipe.

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With the folder that houses the files open, press Ctrl+f to use the search box in the folder. Then search for

content:"my string to search for"

to search for that string in the files in the current directory.

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That appears to do a plain-text content search only xlsx files have binary data. It didn't work for me. – Curtis Yallop Apr 29 '15 at 17:56
Really? When I search for plaintext using this method, I get multiple .xlsx files returned, and they all do indeed seem to contain the search string I searched on, even though they do indeed contain binary data. – pabrams Apr 4 at 20:23
The folder must be configured for this. Right-click to see the folder's properties. Click Advanced. Click on checkbox to "Allow files... to have contents indexed..." – Smandoli May 13 at 20:30

In Excel 2003 you had an extra search option in the file menu where you were able to search through files. I can't find this option in 2007 anymore so I think it's gone.

If your have Vista or Windows 7 you should be able to use window's integrated search. In older versions you could install a search app like Windows Desktop Search, Google Desktop Search, Copernic, ... they're all free to use.

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In Win 7 you can specify a type:xlsx parameter in the search box (or xls, etc. as appropriate) – jonsca Jul 21 '11 at 11:42
@jonsca, OP question was about searching inside not searching for excel files. – Peter Nore May 15 '12 at 14:09
@PeterNore Yes, the comment was a supplement to If your have Vista or Windows 7 you should be able to use window's integrated search. If you specify the file type or the extension in addition to your "content:" string it doesn't have to search the entire directory, just the pertinent files. – jonsca May 15 '12 at 16:12
The Windows Desktop Search link redirects, not sure if that thing still exists elsewhere. Google Desktop Search is no more. Copernic is freemium and the free version looks crippled at first sight, the comparison page doesn't even say if xls is supported in the free version. – Gonfi den Tschal Jul 14 at 16:44

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