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Is there a way to "find on page" without typing Ctrl + F?

Firefox offers this functionality, but not Google Chrome, as far as Preferences tells me.

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The "type-ahead-find" extension allows Chrome to search in your current page without your hitting Ctrl-F (or ⌘ Command-F on Macs).


  • Start writing (or press /) to start text search.
  • Press ' to search only links.
  • Change option "direct search state" to set the default search policy (text, links or disabled).
  • Use Shift+F3 or Shift+Control+G or Alt+N/P to switch between matches.
  • Use F4 to toggle matching mode (text/links) once the search is active.
  • Blacklist sites that set up their own shortcuts.
  • The search shows first matches in current viewport.
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FYI: I've copy-edited your post a bit for clarity. (By the way, your name is hilarious :p) – bwDraco Dec 18 '14 at 6:27

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