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I have a Windows XP machine with several Samba shares. Is it possible to obtain a log of all files that have been accessed on that machine via Samba?

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If you want to do it for security purposes, you can use auditing. However, it does not log access to samba, but to a file object (regardless whether access was local or remote).

You can enable it as:

  1. Go into Local Security policy
    • Go to Security settings, Local policies, Audit policy, Audit object access
    • Choose whether you want to audit successful file access or failed one (or both)
  2. For each file (or folder) you want to track you need to set auditing
    • Right-click Properties, Security tab
    • Go into Advanced, Auditing tab
    • Add user/group that you want to audit (Everyone?)
  3. Check event log for traces.

P.S. You might check Microsoft's TechNet article also. It says same thing, but with pictures. :)

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pictures are awesome, thanks for the help :) – Dustin Jul 22 '11 at 15:50

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