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For some reason our home network was giving us troubles.. It was set to be password protected, and worked for sometime; but then out of the blue we started having issues connecting to it... So, then we switched it to an open network. Now things seem to be working fine, with no issues. Though I don't want to leave it open, which would allow others to join it..
Does anyone know why our password protected network was giving us troubles?

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"password protected" is a wide term - which encryption scheme - WEP? WPA? WPA2? Did you try a different password? Also, what sort of "issues" - can't connect? No data in/out? No data between connected devices? (Possibly also: what radio channel? - channels 13+14 may not be visible to all devices) Also also: what device is the WiFi AP (maker, model)? – Piskvor Jul 22 '11 at 10:15

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