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About 3 years ago I purchased MS Office Project Standard 2007 and installed it on my Vista notebook. Now I'd like to use the same piece of software on my new Win7 x64 notebook. Unfortunately I lost the installation CD since, but I managed to recover the original key via a utility called Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder.

I located the install package for Project Standard 2007 at CNet, and started to install it on the new Win7 notebook, but when prompted to enter my product key, it does not recognize it as a valid key.

Do I have any options to use the same old Project 2007 on my new notebook with the original product key?

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I just looked and there is no OEM version, so that rules that out. I also looked to see what other versions there may be. I had one in mind, and it is the ONLY other version, so that must be it.

You probably need Office Project Professional.

Update: We did a remote session, got the right software, and the key worked fine.

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Hmm I only found the trial version here: and it also did not accept the licence key. Will PM you. Thanks for looking into this. – András Szepesházi Jul 22 '11 at 13:52
Awesome support! Thanks a lot. – András Szepesházi Jul 23 '11 at 13:24

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