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I have a website that I need to FTP files onto. The files that need to be uploaded are already store on the cloud with mediafire. Is there a way I can use Filezilla to upload from that download link? I'm basically asking, "What is the wget version for ftp"?

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Do you have shell access to the ftp server? If not, you'll have to download from mediafire and upload via ftp. – PriceChild Jul 22 '11 at 15:23

Is there a way I can use Filezilla to upload from that download link?

Yes, as it can be used as an FTP client. You need the FTP account's password, of course.

What is the wget version for ftp?


I'm not sure what the relationship is between those questions, and I don't have any experience with MediaFire.

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It sounds like you're asking if you can do a 2 stage process:

   1.  Download files from media server to a local copy using HTTP
   2.  Then upload those files to another FTP site

Yes, you can do that with a Curl script.

If you're a more advanced user, and both remote systems are on windows, then you can use WinSCP + Filezilla Server to accomplish a automatic site mirroring scenerio.

If it is less than 2GB of files, you could also do it with Dropbox.

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You can use AutoFileMove to do that, Check my answer there

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