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I saw in YouTube a nice Winamp plug-in and would like to use in my computer. So I downloaded it here:

I installed, but when I try to visualize a pop-up informs only (Application Error. The visualizer will now exit. / Title: "Mojo Master").

In settings > preferences > plug-ins > visualizer > mojo master visualizer:

  • There isn't any configurations
  • In first time I tried to start, it shows a pop-up informing to verify something about DirectX or to restart OS. After the first time, all other times the pop-up said above appears

The Winamp version is 5.61.

The computer is a notebook with Windows 7 and last Windows updates, including DirectX.

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I have already found a sort of DirectX tweakers ( and them helped me again.

This time I used DXTEST:

After installed, shortcut is saved to start menu > accessories

In Direc3D 9, I uncheck "Software Only".

Side effects: MSCV 2010 will show some display issues, as related in Display issue in "newer" Microsoft programs in Windows 7 , but to solve it I only have to check that option again.

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