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At the moment my Mail.app under Mac OS 10.7 shows the plaintext part of every e-mail by default and I have to switch to HTML view manually. Is there a way to have HTML as the default viewing option?

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Cannot reproduce. Have you tried to temporarily reset Mail's preferences by moving the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Mail.plist to see whether that helps? –  Daniel Beck Jul 23 '11 at 18:27
That worked a treat. You should probably add this as an answer since we haven't found an actual way of doing it. –  Alexey Blinov Jul 24 '11 at 11:11
If you restore the previous preferences file, it occurs again? If so, could you provide the output of defaults read com.apple.Mail in Terminal? –  Daniel Beck Jul 24 '11 at 11:13

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Try to reset Mail's preferences by quitting Mail, removing the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Mail.plist and launching Mail again. Unfortunately, this will also reset pretty much everything else in Mail.

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Enter the following in the terminal, worked for me:

defaults write com.apple.mail PreferPlainText -bool FALSE
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