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Possible Duplicate:
What is the multiple desktop utility you suggest for Windows?
Virtual desktop (alt+ctrl+1,2,3,4,...) like Linux on Windows 7

I make much use of ctrl-arrows to new virtual desktops on my MacBook to get more real estate, organize like-applications and windows, and help focus on a task at a time. I was surprised not to find some feature built into Windows 7. Am I wrong? If not, what program do most use for virtual desktops in Windows?


  • Keyboard shortcuts to slide to a new desktop

  • Sliding a window/app to an edge activates/moves the app to that virtual desktop

  • Zoom-out view allows you to see position and location of all windows on all desktops

  • Taskbar icon/view allows for easy two-click jump to any desktop

  • Remembers which apps open in which virtual desktop, on re-launch moves you to that desktop for app launch

  • (If you know any additional useful/cool features to hope for, add them as comments and I'll edit & add here.)

[And, no, 'install Mac OS X' is not what I'm looking for.]

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Dupe: What is the multiple desktop utility you suggest for windows?… – Sampson Jul 15 '09 at 18:23
Not really, there's a difference between Windows XP and 7, since there are no Powertoys for Windows 7 (yet) + I want to know if it's possible too! – Ivo Flipse Jul 16 '09 at 19:27

Yes, you can use virtual desktops in windows utilizing the sysinternals suite. is the module you want to use.

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Check with your video card vendor.

Nvidia had a "virtual desktop" utility that worked like my KDE Workspaces functionality.

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You might find something useful on a similar question from StackOverflow:

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