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Because of bug (some torrent can't be downloaded - error "Tracker group list not a list") in rtorrent i'm searching for alternatives. I need torrent client with good and intuitive console interface (in ncurser i think) like rtorrent.

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It's neither as intuitive as rtorrent nor as fast/efficient (by far), but running Azureus/Vuze with the --ui=console option can work reasonably well.

There are lots of plugins that allow you to remotely administer the program, though, like AzSMRC (a rather complete plugin/client interface written in Java) or HTML WebUI, which is more convenient (doesn't require a locally installed program), but doesn't give you access to all the Azureus settings and so forth.

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Deluge has a daemon service now too that can be controlled from webui/cli or even another deluge install :

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