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I changed settings of Windows firewall to block public and private networks to test Postgres installation in Windows 7, then I changed it back to default settings which allow both networks. However, when I access Stack Overflow site using Firefox 3.6.18 ,I am getting this message(inside a red ribbon)

Stack Overflow requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load.

However, Javascript is not blocked when IE or Chrome are used. I checked the options-content tab and it has Javascript enabled. So, I guess this is a problem with Firefox. To add to confusion,I am able to use scripts on using Firefox!

I have NoScript installed on Firefox.But I have set "Allow all this page" for this site. Even when I allowed "Allow scripts globally" I am getting this message. Any idea how to set this right?

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Stack Overflow requires jQuery which is loaded via Google's CDN, residing on - so you will have to whitelist that.

In addition, Stack Overflow also makes use of scripts from, you make sure that's whitelisted as well.

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