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In Excel 2010, my scroll wheel doesn't scroll on roll while I'm holding the left mouse button to make a selection. Without the left mouse button, it works. Is it a bug or just me, any remedies?

To me, holding the pointer near the screen edge is a very slow alternative to scroll. I know I can also use two clicks + the Shift key, but it's not as quick.

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It's not just you, for what it's worth.

Remember that the farther down below the screen edge you drag your cursor, the faster it scrolls. I was able to traverse 1000 rows in 3 seconds with this method, so it's not "slow", but rather uncontrolled.

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Thanks Christian. You're right, actually I mean the same thing. With its hard to control behaviour, the whole action takes longer for short scroll distances. When working with the wheel, it's nearly instant with a hit of a finger. – SuperDuck Aug 3 '11 at 10:11

If you want to select all the way down a column to the first blank row, try this:

Click on top cell. Press Shift (to select as you move) + Ctrl (to jump) + down arrow (to the bottom).

Similarly for up/down/left/right arrows.

For partial columns, or to get past gaps, use Shift + up/down and/or page up/page down You can do these in combination as long as you don't let go of Shift, eg: Shift + Page down then up three rows and across two to the right, then let go of Shift.

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