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lynx -cfg=cfg.file $URL

this works with the following contents of the .cfg file:


however, this does not:

lynx -cookies=1 -accept_all_cookies=1 -cookie_file=cookie.file $URL

if it's going to be of any help - here's the trace:

parse_arg(arg_name=-cookies=1, mask=1, count=2)
parse_arg lookup(cookies=1)
...skip (mask 1/4)
parse_arg(arg_name=-accept_all_cookies=1, mask=1, count=3)
parse_arg lookup(accept_all_cookies=1)
...skip (mask 1/4)
parse_arg(arg_name=-cookie_file=cookie.file, mask=1, count=4)
parse_arg lookup(cookie_file=cookie.file)
...skip (mask 1/4)
parse_arg(arg_name=$URL, mask=1, count=5)
parse_arg startfile:$URL

obvious question, why? the actual difference, from what i see, is the inability to trigger "PERSISTENT_COOKIES:TRUE" by command-line options in lynx. or, maybe, i have overlooked/misunderstood something?

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yes, indeed, i have verified that the issue is only related to that one setting, as this seems to work just fine: lynx -cfg=dupe.cfg -cookies -accept_all_cookies -cookie_file=cookie.file $URL, the only thing "dupe.cfg" contains is "PERSISTENT_COOKIES:TRUE". however, my question still remains - how does one activate this setting via the command line? – XXL Jul 24 '11 at 15:26
great Q - +1 in hopes of finding you an answer. – mjb Jul 24 '11 at 16:20
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The following document implies that you can get this behavior by compiling Lynx with the --enable-persistent-cookies flag. The behavior is disabled by default, but implied to be enabled with this configuration flag.

You can use checkinstall or similar to easily create a package for your system from source.


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Try setting -cookie_save_file to the same file.

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unfortunately, this didn't solve the issue for me. – XXL Jul 30 '12 at 10:29

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