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Could someone clarify the following:

Intel Core 2
Core 2 Duo
Xeon Quad Core
Core i7

What would the AMD equivalents be? I have no particular reason for asking, I'm just curious.

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  • Intel Core 2 - AMD Athlon 64
  • Intel Core 2 Duo - AMD Athlon 64x2
  • Intel Xeon - AMD Opteron
  • Intel Core i7 - AMD Phenom 2 x4
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Go look at Tom's Hardware cpu comparison charts. They runs tons of tests and list many processors. A great resource for CPU's and VideoCards

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Opteron is the Xeon equivalent as this tends to be for server or other high-end systems.

Core i7 is Intel's latest architecture so the closest AMD equivalent would be "Phenom II"

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Core 2 Duo would be equivalent to Athlon X2,the both are dual-core,but there are sure some differences in performance

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