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My Tenda W322U V2.0 Wireless USB Adapter used to work with Ralink drivers and I can't make it work on the new Windows 7.

Every time the network adapter is booted, it keeps looking for a driver update and after updating, no wireless connection shows in the launcher in the panel. I was wondering whether the adaptor uses the Ralink chipset at all. Is there a version available with a wider choice of drivers?

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Have you tried Tenda's official drivers for the device? – Aaron Miller Jul 29 '13 at 21:54

You can try to search automatically for updated driver software in Windows Update. If the driver provided by Window Update can’t resolve your issue, you can try Vista driver in compatibility mode. No matter which driver you use, you should remember one important thing: remove the driver completely in Device Manager. Also you should install the driver for Tenda W322U V2.0 Wireless USB Adapter via Run as administrator.

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