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For OS X, there is SelfControl which can make it so you cannot go specific websites (which you specify) for certain amount of time (which you also specify). The program's great for productivity... unfortunately, if I don't go to my favorite websites, I always end up playing games, specifically Starcraft 2.

Is there any program or code to block myself from playing this game for a given amount of time?

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Since you're the admin most likely even if you find the right app you will be able to disable it too :)

I strongly suggest to excercise your will and train yourself to be able to do what you have to. Use Starcraft as some kind of reward: "I did task 1 and 2 and now I can finally dedicate 20 minutes to my lovely Protoss..." So play happily but set an alarm to stop you rewarded pause and get back to work / study again. It's like a gym and it's software you "install" in your mind: always working, always with you :)

ps Starcraft 2 is heavy drug

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