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I have installed a 32-bit version of Ubuntu 11.04 and a couple of applications. I don't want to reinstall Ubuntu as a whole. So with my home it isn't any problem; I have it on another partition.

So, how can I change the architecture without the need to install programs after installation of a 64-bit version?

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This is not possible. Consider that the programs you installed are 32-bit, but you have to install 64-bit programs on a 64-bit system (at least the package manager wants it that way). All you can do is do a fresh install of a 64-bit operating system, but keep your existing home partition (which can be done from the installer).

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To add to the other answers:

You cannot avoid a reinstall of the OS, however you can avoid having to manually select all the apps you want to install.

You can record the list of installed packages under Ubuntu, then automatically install them all after you re-installed the base system. That might make the reinstall less of a hassle.

This is explained here:

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