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I constantly need to move the windows of Firefox to get the page to visually refresh (like to unpin the window from the top).

The problem: I'm on a page, I want to go anywhere else, or I click on a link. The screen stays on the same page until I move the browser window.

The browser is not freezing because the page is already loaded, it's only a display problem.

It happens like 15 times a day. The only thing in common with the iMac and Macbook Pro (on which the problem happens): They both have Firebug installed. I tested the FF5 beta before upgrading to 5 stable (and up to date) on the two Macs too.

PS: My colleague has the exact same problem. (It's been happening since 2 months approx.)

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  • Try disabling or uninstalling Firebug (perhaps just move its folder temporarily)
  • Try running Firefox in Safe mode
  • Try with a new Firefox profile
  • Try in a new user account
  • Try re-installing Firefox
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When reinstalling Firefox, also delete ~/Library/Preferences/org.mozilla.firefox.plist. – slhck Jul 25 '11 at 13:44

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