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I am having difficulty uninstalling DB2 from my Windows 7 machine. For some reason, the installer stops responding and doesn't even show up on the Task Manager.

I found this article on how to uninstall in such situations:

In the section titled 'Using FORCE_UNINSTALL', they ask you to 'go to the Windows Installer directory for the OS on which you have DB2 installed on (such as c:\Windows\Installer or c:\WinNT\Installer)'

What is this by default in Windows 7? How can I confirm that a directory is my Windows Installer directory?

In the next step, they have given a list of products and their codes. How do I figure out what product I have installed?

Finally, if anyone knows a better way to uninstall, please let me know.

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Its C:\Windows\Installer

Look for the code in the folder. Sorting will help.

You might also want to try something like Revo Unistaller to forcibly uninstall the program.

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Revo did the trick. Thanks! – Shailesh Tainwala Jul 26 '11 at 7:53

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