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I have an Audiotrak PRODIGY CUBE external sound card. When I hook it up to my desktop computer via USB, the sound capture is not working at all. I receive the message:

This sound device does not have any capture controls.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, but it didn't help. I still only have sound in the headphones. I also physically removed the PCI card from the computer, but this didn't help either.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what I could do to get my fancy new PRODIGY CUBE card to work properly?

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As I saw in the user’s manual, you don’t need to install driver for the PRODIGY CUBE sound card. PRODIGY CUBE is automatically recognized as a USB audio device shortly after USB-connecting with your computer. Windows will install the basic USB audio driver when you plug in your PRODIGY CUBE. So I think you might need to update the firmware of the PRODIGY CUBE. If updating the firmware doesn’t resolve your problem, you can check your computer’s consumption, because errors may occur in some bear-born PCs or slim PCs with very low power consumption.

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