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I would like to make my Fn keys 'sticky' (pressing it once equals to press-and-hold) to make activating some special functions with one hand easier. There's no relevant option in BIOS, and Windows' StickyKeys doesn't stick the Fn keys.

Is there a freebie that affords this?

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There are some laptop manufacturers that let you make Fn key sticky. For example, Toshiba provides this utility for some models via Toshiba Accessibility software. The users manual says:

You can use the TOSHIBA Accessibility Utility to make the Fn key sticky.

Apart from that, some Lenovo models support this function via BIOS settings. I know, for example, T60p has a setting in BIOS:

Fn Lock: Enabled / Disabled

This lets you make Fn key sticky.

I don't know if there is a global solution for that matter, but you can check your laptop's accessibility settings or BIOS settings to discover if there is one.

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