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I have an 10.5.8 MacOS, trying to install an application into the directory /usr/local/

which I try to specify it, the Finder comes up which doesn't allow me to go to /usr/local.

enter image description here

So I created a link to it, but it grays out the link.

I logged in as Administrator but it still grays out the link.

How can I get Finder to allow me to select /usr/local as an install directory?

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An installer package will definitely not allow you to install in /usr/local. Can you use the Suspicious Package Quicklook plugin to see where the installer will put all the files? Maybe it already will install some files in /usr/local. – fideli Jul 26 '11 at 14:58
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So I found the answer to this:

  • in finder
  • click on "go"
  • type in /usr
  • drag local to sidebar
  • then when you are installing, local will appear in the sidebar
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