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(It seems like this must have already been asked, but I'm not finding it.)

I have a Word 2010 document, and I want to make a link in one part of the document pointing to another part of the same document. I have a table that needs to be filled out, and in the instructions about the table, I want to link to it. That way, they can easily get to the table referenced.

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You have to create the place you want to link to as a "Top of Document", "Heading", or "Bookmark".

In the screenshot, I created 123 as a "Heading", and then right-clicked my "Test" text and clickedHyperlink>Place in this document, and you will see 123 there. To do it as a bookmark, highlight the target text, and go to Insert>bookmark, and it will also then show in the Hyperlink area.

enter image description here

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I finally figured it out, right after asking. :) – thursdaysgeek Jul 26 '11 at 18:24
Thanks for the bookmark tip, was trying to figure out how to create a link with no header! – sǝɯɐſ Feb 23 at 14:34

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