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No doubt you have stumbled across the Black Dwarf NAS, but your man also has this:

enter image description here

This image shows the boot manager, I can't see anywhere in the article where he mentions what software this is.

Does anyone know what software he uses and if his image is a custom splash screen?

I've emailed him, with no response, hence I'm asking here :-)

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You should really simply post the image you are referring to. Digging through a site like this is at a minimum, a hassle, and border-line spam the way you have presented it. – Brad Jul 26 '11 at 19:06
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The boot menu is displayed by an EFi-X dongle, which is mentioned to be used for booting in that page.

It was just recently that I found out about the EFi-X dongle, a device that plugs into compatible motherboards and allows them to boot a wide range of operating systems including OSX.

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Ah thanks, I didn't realise the dongle had the boot manager apart of it - I read that as the dongle allowed OSX to boot by fooling the software into thinking it was compatible hardware. – Adam Houldsworth Jul 26 '11 at 20:14

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