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I am creating some flow charts in PowerPoint.

As you know, when these charts get complicated, the lines run into each other and create confusion: are they meant to connect, or were they intended to go through?

I believe Visio has a solution to this where connecting lines automatically "jump" other connecting lines, depicted as a curve. Does PowerPoint have something similar to this?

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In a word, no. At least not yet. I would suggest adding a dot or something where the lines are supposed to connect.

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I have experimented with Route diagram pieces of Wikipedia which were invented to depict sub-way and train maps.

Sample diagram created in PowerPoint:

enter image description here

The building blocks for the diagram are route icons of 10x10 mm².

Using PowerPoint's "snap to grid" feature, these icons can be easily positioned to align properly. I keep the icons in a PowerPoint template file. To insert a given icon in my diagram, I simply copy it via mouse ctlr-left-click-drag&drop.

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