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I am unable to get Notepad++'s NppFTP to connect as localhost to my Windows XP. I want to "upload" the current file from a "src" directory to the local /xampp/htdocs directory during development.

Ironically, I am able to connect remotely to my eventual deployment server.

Settings are:

Hostname: localhost
Connection type: FTP
Port: 21
Initial remote directory: \xampp\htdocs\junk
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Have you tried using instead of localhost? – Fopedush Jul 27 '11 at 19:30

If you're running on Windows, make sure you're running your XAMPP control (XAMPP UI) as admin. Then, you have yo check the SVC checkbox before FileZilla, then click Start. A pop-up will prompt – click Yes to install it as a service.

After that, click Admin then click Yes. Set your password then you're good to go.

In you're using Notepad++, the settings are the same with the one you posted above.

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