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In our current system, we are not effectively monitoring the logs for errors as most of the errors are not serious enough. I want to basically warn users on the important errors. I cannot touch the code, so I cannot change these messages type to fatal.

So, I want to write scripts searching logs for the regex of the important error messages. Is there a opensource software package that does this?

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Everything you need to do this is already inluded with Linux.A bash or perl script managed by a cron job would do what you want. – Joe Internet Jul 28 '11 at 7:04

You could do this with nagios. The nrpe plugin allows you to execute custom scripts on a machine. Such a script could easily parse a log and report back the results.

There are already many plugins so you may not need to write anything

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For general use (with system log for example), you can try out yaala or petit.

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