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Is there a way to quickly get the result of an expression in the Start > Run command input?

For example, if I wanted to get the result of (5+9)*79 I'd like to be able to press ⊞ Win + R, enter the expression and get the result.

Are there any lightweight utilities that can do this?

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The Firefox search bar (with Google and search suggestions on) can do that. If you are already in Firefox, you can get to the search bar quickly with Ctrl+K. – William Jackson Jul 28 '11 at 11:33

Launchy has a bundled calcy plugin, which can do what you want.


There's also MathyResurrected plugin for more advanced calculations


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I don't think you can do everything from the Run command window, but you could open a Command Prompt (cmd) from there and then execute the set command

set /a (5+9)*79 

Just did a search, you could pass everything to cmd and run this from the Run command window

cmd /k set /a (5+9)*79 
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