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Is it possible to change the sort order of the search results in the Windows 7 start menu? I'd like to either have them completely unsorted by the type of result they are or have files appear before outlook emails.

I tend to use the search to find files that I want to open much more than searching for emails.

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Disabling the items you do not want (e.g. turning off that that search finds programs and/or Control Panel applets) isn't an option for you I guess? –  Tex Hex Jul 28 '11 at 16:11

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It's a custom sort being done by Windows itself. I've never seen any options to adjust it outside of marking which files you want indexed and which one you don't.

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In the Windows 7 Search box:

  • Enter your search keyword
  • Select "See more details"
  • then in the Search windows choose the display "details" (icon in the right corner)
  • right click to see more columns options and choose the ones you want
  • finally sort them by column according to the column label (by type acces date, etc. for example)...

    enter image description here

If you want more control on your search may I suggest you to try Agent Ransack as an alternative search utility?

Hope this help. Let us know.

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