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I wanted to make a video demonstration of one software. I wanted to use text description instead of using voice description, a simple example of what I've explained could be this short screencasting, where author uses short text messages instead of explaining it with his own voice.

Could you recommend any free software for doing such a screencasting please? Would be better if it works in Ubuntu or if it is a web application.


I have found out Wink which could add explanations boxes as I said. Now the problem is that it doesn't support Linux 64bit, has only 32bit. Any other app like Wink for 64bit Linux?

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I was unable to find any free screen casters that allow you to add text. I know Camtasia for Windows has this capability. I would recommend using a regular screen caster, a list of which is given here: ScreenCasting in Ubuntu and then using a video editing software to add the annotations after, as Keith B. suggested.

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It looks like the person who made that video may have actually added the text overlays after recording the original screencast using a video editor. If you're not trying to broadcast your screencast live, then this would work fine for you. Cinellera and Kino are great on Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Lightworks is a very robust but open source option for Windows.

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