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I want to batch encode several .otf font files into a single CSS file. To my understanding, base64 embedded .otf fonts can be read by most browsers. Since Font-Squirrel's @font-face generator doesn't support direct base64 encoding of .otf files, I'll have to encode the fonts myself.

I found this method of using openssl in the OS X terminal to base64 encode files one at a time--and that only outputs them to individual files. Is there a way to batch encode them straight into a single CSS file?

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This would go well on – afrazier Feb 9 '12 at 22:46
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Check out

*Right now, SpriteBaker only encodes the first web-font file specified by each 'src' attribute in a @font-face declaration. That shouldn't be a problem. If you're batch encoding web-font files into CSS, you should only encode one web-font file per CSS file. Then you should deliver a targeted CSS file to each browser.

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