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I have a printer that creates an unusable 'network drive' in the computer, and thus reserves that drive letter. I have a lot of hard disks and need every drive letter available. It is annoying to disconnect the drive each time I log in. How can I stop the printer from creating this network drive without a net-use-bat-file?

The network drive isn't listening in disk management so I can't simply remove the drive letter.

Here is a guy with a similar question.

I'm using windows 7 Ultimate x64 and the printer is a HP Officejet 7310 AIO.

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Connect the printer to your network, use a browser pointed to it's IP address to log in (You can get that by having it print a configuration page, see it's manual). There may be a setting to get it to stop claiming a drive letter.

I'd start there.

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Tried that, but there isn't really any settings in the web frontend, only language. :( – user92234 Jul 29 '11 at 18:12

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