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enter image description here

My OS X Lion usually shows file info like image dimensions, file count, file size or duration (Show View Options → Show item info).

enter image description here

But in one folder on one drive I do not get the image dimensions, (or music file duration). Folder count and file size (only of certain types like zip files apparently) still show.

If I rename the folder then the item info shows normally, but rename back and it's gone again.

If I copy a file to the root of the disk or another folder on the disk, the item info shows normally.

Is there any way to change or reset these settings?

edit: i tried onyx delete all dsstore did not work

i just now tried rebuilding folder structure and it seemed like it worked if i made all new dirs instead of copying but after relaunch finder back to no info

it works if i rename it but damn there has to be a way to reset it?

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The second screenshot looks so weird. Like it was stitched together. Anyway, can you open and ls -l@ /path/to/folder? If you completely trash the folder, move its contents away before, and then recreate the folder with the same name, does that work? – slhck Jul 29 '11 at 18:12
One more thing: In the terminal, try rm /path/to/folder/.DS_Store, relaunch the Finder by alt-clicking its icon in the Dock and selecting "Relaunch" and see if that works for you. – slhck Jul 29 '11 at 18:27
Is that on an external drive? What about the ls line I gave you? Can't you show me the output? – slhck Aug 8 '11 at 11:39

Open your spotlight settings and click on the privacy tab.

If you folder is in there, Finder cant access your information.

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Press +J (or View -> Show View Options from the Finder menu) then click Show item info.

Mac OS X Finder: View Options

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