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I'm using ubuntu 11.04. I have installed googlecl which claims to allow me to edit google doc files with vim. I have a google doc "test":

google docs edit --title "test" --editor vim

opens the file fine. When I write the file via the vim command :w the change isn't propagated to the original google doc in the cloud. Also, when I :wq, I get this command line output:

Server responded with: 412, <errors xmlns=''><error><domain>GData</domain><code>etagsMismatch</code><internalReason>Mismatch: etags = ["tags"], version = [gqpwmaue]</internalReason></error></errors>
Moved edited document to /home/james/test.txt

How can I automatically update the original doc when I save it in vim?

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I've never heard about googlecl so I installed it on Ubuntu 10.10 and I have almost the same problems. Maybe try on the googlecl issue tracker. – romainl Jul 30 '11 at 12:02

I am not sure if you solved the problem, but I was encountering the same error on my machine. This was happening because I didn't have the latest python-gdata package. GoogleCL package alone won't do the job.

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I made sure to use the 2.0.14 version of gdata. Apparently later versions have issues. But note that I /did/ come across your error before with this version - but I figured that was a connection or document-type-dependent thing, because afterward it worked fine. – dmonopoly Nov 25 '12 at 19:01

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