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I have two wireless cards in my computer. One bad one that cant be removed and one good one the I actually want use. Opensuses network manage automatically loads both and switches between the other which causes my internet connection to go out. I can temporarily disable the bad one with ifconfig wlan0 down, but this does not hold when I restart the computer. Wlan0 will pop back up a few minutes after i run that also making ifconfig a temporary solution. Is there a way to completely disable this interface? It is a ralink chipset.

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Do you know the specs on the "Bad one?" If so, you should be able to use lsmod to find the driver that is used, and prevent it from being autoloaded.

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I don't, it came built into this storebought computer. I know the other is a dlink dwa-556. Ok, I will try that tommorow. – a sandwhich Jul 30 '11 at 3:36

You should disable the NIC in the BIOS so that the system will not even see it as an option.

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You should be able to go into Network Manager (if that's what's running) and set the configuration for that device to not be enabled on boot.

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