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I've just discovered PowerShell in Windows 7 and realised that it comes with an ISE too.

In Linux, I use gEdit with an embedded terminal when writing C programs and I've been looking for an alternative in Windows. PowerShell ISE seems perfect except for the fact it doesn't highlight syntax for anything other than PowerShell Scripts.

Is there a way around this? Or is there a decent text editor (like Notepad++) for Windows that lets me embed an instance of cmd.exe or PowerShell into it?

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There is a windows version of gedit. – N.N. Jul 31 '11 at 13:50

I know people who use Visual Studios and the PowerGUI Extension to write their Powershell scripts. Probably a bit overkill.

The only other IDE that is widely used for Powershell is the standalone PowerGUI.

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Somehow I missed this, but Notepad++ has a plugin called "NppExec" which gives you an embedded Command Prompt.

To get it go to Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager and find "NppExec"

If, like me, you find the extra text it outputs annoying, turn it off by going to: Plugins -> NppExec and Check No internal messages.

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