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How can I redirect from HTTP to HTTPS with lighthttpd?

There are tons of lighttpd config snippets floating around to make this happen, but so far none of these really worked. Currently I am still playing around with, so if anyone has an adequate config in use, that would be great.

My lighttpd version is 1.4.29, OS Arch Linux 64bit

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What I do in this situation is have a small one-page site available through HTTP that contains a single page with a meta refresh tag and possibly an explanation for browsers that have redirects disabled or unsupported for some reason. Create a custom 404 error page that also does the same thing.

The meta tag should then redirect to or your site's external address when you allow it to be externally reachable.

I would let the page display for 5 seconds using the meta refresh saying "This site is only available through HTTPS. You should be automatically redirected in 5 seconds, if not click here..."

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$SERVER["socket"] == ":443" {
        ssl.engine = "enable"
        ssl.pemfile = "/path/to/pem/file/unknown.pem"

$SERVER["socket"] == ":80" {
        $HTTP["host"] =~ "(.*)" {
                url.redirect = ( "^/(.*)" => "https://%1/$1" )

solved it for me.

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