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Whenever I need to search in Safari, I have to focus on the search bar with the mouse and then type, which I find inconvenient.

What is the shortcut for Mac OS X (Lion) Safari to focus on the search input?

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The shortcut to access the search box is + + F.

You can also focus the address bar with + L and press Tab.

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It's the same shortcut as e.g. Mail's toolbar search box. Cmd-F is different functionality. – Daniel Beck Aug 5 '11 at 10:15

If you're not satisfied with a three-button shortcut and prefer something else, open System Preferences, select Keyboard, select Keyboard Shortcuts tab and in Application Shortcuts create a new shortcut:

  • Menu title is Google Search… (not three dots but an ellipsis, press + ; to get one of those)
  • Application is Safari.
  • Keyboard shortcut is up to you but I prefer + K.

Close the preferences and enjoy your new shortcut.

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Yes I'd prefer ⌘ + K too just like in Chrome and Firefox. Thank you! – bakytn Aug 5 '11 at 10:26

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