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How do I save sent mails in Outlook 2010, similar to how Gmail saves the whole conversation related to one subject?

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I did not find a built-in way in Outlook 2010 settings like there was in 2003 or 2007 (, but you can create an Outlook rule (client rule) to save a copy of Sent emails to your PST (as it gets deleted in Exchange server after a while...)

First create a local PST folder under 'My Outlook Data File' (e.g. "Sent_Backup")

Then go to Rules -> Manage Rules and Alerts ->

New Rule ->

Apply rule on messages I send (at the bottom) -> (Next -> Yes) ->

Next (do not select any condition) -> (Next) ->

Select Action "Move a copy to the specified folder" ->

Select your new Sent item folder ("Sent_Backup") -> (OK) ->

Next (do not select any condition) -> (Next) ->

Enter Description and select 'Run this rule now' -> Finish.

You're safe!

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