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When I view the following URL:

I doesnt show anything in firefox. However when I view

I can see loads of xml represented in a semi graphical form.

How do I just see the raw xml on these feeds? Preferably with some formatting so that all of the nodes escape to new lines etc.

I would prefer to use firefox or a plugin rather than install another bit of software.

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If you want to view the raw XML just occasionally instead of every time, right-clicking the page and choosing "View Page Source" seems to do the trick.

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Did you try this:

  1. In FF, go to Tools > Options in the top menu
  2. Select the Applications tab
  3. Scroll down to "Web Feed" (how annoying ... not 'xml', not 'rss', but 'web feed'? really? )
  4. Change the Web Feed 'action' to "Preview in Firefox" (mine said "Use Google" before changing)
  5. Click the 'ok' button and go to any .xml file url to see all the wonderful XML , sans reader-prompt annoyance !
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