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I recently installed NcFTP but would like to uninstall it again as I have ended up not using it.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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The documentation (manual pages) will be installed to /usr/share/man.
You may then type man ncft at a shell prompt to read the manual, or view the documentation online.

All programs will be installed to your /usr/bin directory. Please note that an older version (2.4.3) of NcFTP may already be installed since it comes with the Mac OS X BSD Subsystem. It will be overwritten by this installer.

The main program is simply called ncftp. There are also separate utility programs for one-shot FTP operations (i.e. for shell scripts and command line junkies); these include ncftpget, ncftpput, and ncftpls. Run each command without any arguments to see the usage screen, or read the man page.

Also included is a batch processing daemon, ncftpbatch,which is invoked by the bgget command from ncftp and also the -b flag of ncftpput and ncftpget.

Lastly, the ncftpbookmarks program is a utility program to manipulate user's FTP bookmarks.

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